Episode 53: Jimmie Lanley talks about Blogging, Google+ and the iHomeschool Network



Blogging, Google+ and the iHomeschool Network

JimmieLanley200Many homeschool moms out there are seeking new alternatives for income and one alternative is blogging, often affectionately referred to as “mommyblogging.”  Blogging is very suitable for homeschool moms because it offers great flexibility, it can be born out of a passion for a particular niche and many homeschool moms just enjoy writing. Though mommy blogging can turn out to be a viable source of discretionary  income (or more), it takes more than throwing up a blog and posting some content every once in a while.  It takes motivation and perseverance to grow your blog and be successful. It also takes a certain level of quality content which may mean you need a willingness on your part to seek self-improvement and maybe even seek outside advice.

Our guest today is Jimmie Lanley. Jimmie Lanley is the mother of one creative teenage daughter and co-owner of the iHomeschool Network.  She will be talking to us about blogging, the iHomeschool Network, Jimmie Lanley Consulting and Google+.

Jimmie Lanley is the mother of one creative teenage daughter. Living abroad in China necessitated the original choice to homeschool. But now that she and her family are back in Tennessee, Jimmie can’t imagine any other way to educate her high schooler. Jimmie’s Collage is where she blogs about homeschooling her high schooler. In the early years, Jimmie’s lesson plans were full of hands-on activities and lapbooks. As the years passed, she began using more and more notebooking and became so passionate about the method that she created her second blog, The Notebooking Fairy. That site features free notebooking printables and how-tos plus the affordable eBook guide Notebooking Success. Jimmie is co-owner of iHomeschool Network, a social media company.

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 Listen to Jimmie as she talks about:

  • How she got started blogging.
  • How bloggers can manage both blogging and other responsibilities.
  • Why blogging is so appealing to homeschooling
  • Who blogging is suitable for.
  • Advice for bloggers to stay motivated and perservere
  • Why Google+ is her go to social media platform and why she prefers it over other platforms
  • Jimmie’s blog consulting services
  • What iHomeschool Network is and how it got started
  • Advice to bloggers to raise the quality level of their blog
  • What the iHomeschool Network looks for in a blog

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